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Project Design Services

Your Design Uniquely Tailored

The Perennial Team brings a wealth of expertise, creativity and local knowledge to your project. Our commitment is reflected in our distinctive and customized approach to achieve your aesthetic objective of look and relaxation and/or entertainment. Every member of our team has been trained in listening and communicating to ensure your project design is uniquely tailored. Whether your enhancements include landscaping, hardscape, stone or steel fireplace (wood, gas or electric) water fountain (with fire or lights) outdoor kitchen, hot tub or other design enhancement, we will exceed your expectation.

2D Designs

After collecting property photos and drawings, design priorities, and inspiration images, you’ll receive a 2D illustrative design within 3-5 business days. This includes two overall plans with and without annotations at ¼” or ⅛” scale.

You’ll also receive 2-4‭ ‬details views at‭ ‬½”‭ ‬scale‭, ‬as well as an AutoCAD planting and materials legend‭.‬

2D Design Sample.jpg

3D Designs

After submitting your property photos and drawings‭, ‬design priorities‭, ‬and inspiration images‭, ‬you’ll receive a 3D rendered design. ‬This includes 10-20‭ ‬high quality‭, ‬photorealistic eye-level renders‭.‬

Depending on the design package you choose, you may also receive several renderings representing the actual growth of your landscape at maturity in several years.

Dimensions, Material and Planting Plans

Once your design is finalized, you will receive the technical materials to install your design. These will be black and white 2D Construction Plans (CAD drawings).

Your planting plan is essential as it outlines the type and placement for each plant in your design.

You will receive a summarized list of the specific plants, elements, and furniture items in your design.

D+M PLAN.jpg

Plan Details

You will also receive a legend that summarizes all plan details, including plants, materials, lighting, with quantities, sizes, colors, and other pertinent details.

As your contractor, you will be able to take full advantage of our long-standing relationships to secure very competitive pricing.

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