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Snow Services

Providing Snow Services in Illinois and Northwest Indiana is a very challenging undertaking.  From October snow fall to January thaws to April snow fall it requires the most experienced team to provide snow plowing, deicing, snow relocating and hauling services for the continuously changing winter climate.  Perennial Companies has the equipment, materials, and personnel to provide our clients the highest quality services with rapid response times.

Deicing Materials

Safety for our clients is paramount.  Whether our clients sites require Bulk Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt, Icemelt blends, Calcium, Magnesium, or Potassium Perennial Companies has the materials allocated and ready to be applied.  When the temperatures drop to subzero temperatures where regular rock salt will not work, Perennial is able to provide our clients with the right product for their sites.  We treat our own rock salt with liquid Calcium so that we are able to provide the extra burn rate for our clients surfaces to remove dangerous icy conditions. We use specialized blends of Icemelt specifically formulated to provide less deterioration to concrete and brick pavers surfaces.  By contracting a preseason Bulk Salt Purchase of more than 2,500 tons we can ensure our clients deicing products when our market experiences shortages.

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Snow Plowing Services

Perennial Companies provides a variety of snow plowing services.  Whether our clients needs are Zero Tolerance Services or per push services Perennial has the fleet to service their needs. Perennials fleet of snow service vehicles is set up to provide plowing and deicing services no matter what size site.  Whether 50 acres or a 1/4 acre site our personnel and equipment are ready.  Perennial Companies provides efficient high quality sidewalk services with micro tractors, dingos, and 4 wheelers which allow us to tackle thousands of feet of sidewalks during any snow event.

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